Hello everyone! I am going to start off The Healthy Beast with a story of perseverance.

Shamrock shuffle 2013, chicago running

This year has been a huge turning point for me. I knew I needed to get off my butt and moving more. My boyfriend suggested to sign up for the Shamrock Shuffle, but when he told me it was 5 miles, I was like “WHAAAT!? There is no way I can run that far!” As my mom told me recently, “I remember when you were signed up for AYSO soccer as a kid and just stood in the middle of the field with a pouty face because you didn’t want to run”. This was the girl who would fake injury during mile runs at gym class. At 5′ short (as I like to say), my short little legs were not built for that!

After my initial reaction, I took a step back and really thought about it. Why couldn’t I do this? I’m sure there were people of all heights, ages, and backgrounds going to this run, why couldn’t I? That was it. I wasn’t going to let any excuses beat me! I signed up, despite all my initial doubts. That $45 is a huge inspiration to really make all that money worth while. No turning back now!

I began to go to my gym 2-3 times a week to get on that treadmill for training. After running over a mile and getting winded, I was a little discouraged. But I told myself to push forward, “No, girl, this takes time. You aren’t going to start off a great runner”. After a month (And a lot of help from Static-X and QOTSA), I got up to 3 miles… a huge accomplishment that I didn’t notice at the time. I was too busy aiming for the 5 miles, I forgot to be proud of myself for making it to 3. I got so frustrated and almost brought to tears right there on the treadmill. Why wasn’t this easier? Why wasn’t I running better after all this hard work? My mom had to remind me, “You ran 3 miles? Are you kidding? I’ve never seen you run that far. Cheer up and be proud of yourself”. Oh right, that IS a big deal!

By the end of the next month I was closing in on 4 miles. I got sick for 1.5 weeks and was worried all that down time would effect my training. I had one more chance to train, two days before the run and made it to 4.7 miles! So excited! I knew I was ready, I came a long way.

On Sunday, April 7, 2013, I finished my first 8k (5 mile) run in 49:50 minutes, 5 minutes under my initial goal of 55 minutes! I had so much fun and loved all the excitement going on downtown. Over 40,000 people? Now THAT’S a whole lot of support!

shamrock shuffle, chicago run, 8k, 2013

Lessons I Learned
The training and accomplishment really taught me to have patience in reaching a goal, and more importantly… to be proud of the little successes along the way. I put so much emphasis on the fact that I am even trying to turn my life around for the better and even though I haven’t reached many of my goals yet, I have come so far. (This is a reminder to all you guys too.) Appreciate all your efforts towards being a healthier you, no matter how small they seem.

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