herb garden, windowbox, healthy herbs

This is your spring reminder: time to plant those seeds! I’ve always wanted a full garden to pick from every year, but living in the city means I don’t have the space for that. Luckily, herbs are small and easy to grow right on the windowsill! I started these little babies two weeks ago and they are already reaching for the sun. I chose oregano, basil, and parsley. They are easy to grow and versatile for cooking.

This got me thinking about all the benefits of this little window box…

COOKING, OBVIOUSLY: Fresh herbs are available whenever, right in my kitchen, to help out all my recipes in the making.

ADDS SOME GREEN: Plants can brighten up a room with life and green color.

SOMETHING SMELLS NICE: It’s the herbs! Herbs are naturally aromatic.

STRESS RELIEF: Besides the stress-relieving scent, the act of “caring” for something (as gushy as that sounds) can actually give off a sense of accomplishment. These things need you for water or else they will die! Now you know, you really made a difference.

MEDICINAL: Herbs contain a variety of vitamins and some may help out digestion, stress, and illnesses. (Make sure you consult your doctor before using herbal medicine as a treatment).

So, are you convinced? Shop online or at your local garden or home stores for garden starting kits if you are unsure how to start your own. They provide the container, soil, seeds, and instructions on water and sunlight. Easy as

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