However you are trying to turn yourself around for the better, these things take time. In my own experience, it took me a year of counting calories to a tee before I realized I was burning myself out and doing it all wrong. Counting calories isn’t going to help if all the calories are made up of cookies, ice cream, and wine. Seriously, your body can’t live on that stuff. Now that I’m turning my eating habits into GOOD ones, I’m learning that it’s really freaking hard! After one month of pure struggle, I was trying to fill my day with healthy foods and somehow through cravings, hunger, and cheats – my body started to slowly get accustomed to my new way of eating. Of course, processed foods are like crack, so this transition was like a withdrawal for me. There I was sitting at my desk with free cookies behind me, just calling to me at every second of the day. Eventually I learned to eat enough GOOD REAL food to stay satisfied longer, so there wasn’t enough room for those nasty processed biscuits of DOOM.

healthy beries, junk food, health goals

Photos by: and Ann Gordon

It’s important to visualize your goals in order to make them happen. If you say “I wish could lose weight” or “I wish I could cook better”, that is going to get you nowhere. But, it is a start. Let’s take those wishes and turn them into goals you can actually accomplish. If you want to reach a goal, you need to form good, long lasting habits that are SUSTAINABLE, not just temporary tricks. (Are you really going to suck down those meal replacement shakes for the rest of your life?)

1. Make your goals, make them real. Don’t just say a general goal, say something specific with a plan. Instead of saying “I want to lose weight”. Say “I want to lose 5 pounds this month and I will do so by… eating healthier, getting more sleep, joining a gym, working out 2-3 times per week”.

2. Make your goals attainable. “Reaching for the stars!” is a nice thought, but lets try getting off the ground first. Instead of saying “I want to lose 100 pounds”, starting small with 5-10 lbs is actually something we can see sooner in our future. It makes us feel accomplished and doesn’t leave us stranded at the starting line with doubt and confusion. 100 lbs is scary, but 10 lbs is an easy first step that you can handle, right? Same with any part of your life. Cutting out sugar, salt, soda, or alcohol is scary! But bringing it down to 2 sweets a week, or 3 drinks a week is manageable. From there, once those goals are met, we can take the next step… which may be another 5-10 lbs, less sugar, more weightlifts, etc. Little by little, you will grow to be a BEAST!

– Call personal strength trainer (DONE! Called, I am meeting with him today!)
– Train 2-3 times a week with trainer
– Take part in a 5k obstacle course run this summer
– Do 1 freakin pull up!
– Cook at least 2-3 dinners per week so that there is plenty for lunches at work
– Only have alcohol on weekends. When I do have alcohol, maximum of 3 drinks per occasion

Once I accomplish this list, not only will I feel a great sense of pride, I will be able to move on to some new goals! I have a feeling that my strength training will turn into some new goals all on their own.

What are some of your goals?
Feel free to share, or make a list on your own at home :)

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