I recently started my first experience with a personal trainer. My goals with my trainer are to be regularly active, get stronger, and work towards obstacle races in the summer. I said nothing about losing weight or getting toned because I figured that if I was doing it right, my body would adjust accordingly (it is not healthy to think about what you want to lose, instead think about what you want to gain).

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Original photo by ToddMorris

Since I’m a Beast on a BUDGET, I was hesitant for a loooong time to pay the cost. I figured I could learn from videos, and research workouts, etc. After much thought, and a list or two, I came up with the benefits that would convince me it is totally worth it to pay up!

SAFETY: Watching videos for stretching ideas is one thing, but when you are dealing with heavy weights… I really don’t want to hurt myself with bad form. My personal instructor has already helped me with my form a TON.

KNOWLEDGE: Learn knew skills! These trainers went to school and have years of experience in the field. They know a lot! It’s always great to try new things, but how about learning them from the people who took the time to gain facts?

SUPPORT & MOTIVATION: I know I have better workout when I am expected to be there (and of course, paid money for it). Trainers should motivate you to do your best. They make sure you keep a good pace, pump you up (“Keep it going! Almost there!”), and push you a little harder or a little further.

TRACKING: Trainers typically keep track of the workouts you are doing. They know how much weight you can lift and how long you can do activities. From there, they can get you where you need to be. This is great, because if I had to make charts, I would drive myself crazy!

VARIETY: A great personal trainer will keep you doing a variety of workouts to keep you interested and keep your muscles in a nice recovery/workout cycle. You DON’T want to forget LEG DAY! (like THIS guy, haha).

PERSONAL: Classes and DVDs are great, but personal trainers are there to help YOU with YOUR needs. They can determine what works for you and help you reach your own personal goal, instead of a generalized assumption.

… and the best part about it, if your training isn’t working for you and your needs, it’s not set in stone. There are many other activities to explore. That’s what I’m doing… trying new things! See all my fitness adventures HERE (a lot more will be popping up as the year goes on, you can be sure of that)!


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