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It’s spring and I am in the mood to clean everything! I’m donating old clothes I don’t wear, recycling the papers I don’t need, and over-all ditching everything that doesn’t contribute to making my home a wonderful, productive, feel-good place. Makes sense right? How about the kitchen. The kitchen should be a place to make you feel good, energized and satisfied. So, why are we keeping things in there that poison our bodies with bad toxins and empty calories?!

You wouldn’t think about drinking damper fluids or eating a bunch of silly putty (dimethylpolysiloxane is a chemical de-foamer found in many products, but also added to processed foods like cooking spray, McDonald’s nuggets, Wendy’s fries). Companies are not thinking of your health when they add these chemicals to their products, they are trying to make a large quantity of long shelf-life foods to SELL to you. They sugar coat, salt rub, and grease up anything just so you will crave it more. Stop buying into this. It’s time to clear out all those toxins from the pantry and add good, whole, REAL choices to reach for.

If you want your body to perform at its best – even in daily life activities (feeling awake and energized, in a good mood, motivated, etc.), you need to fill it with REAL foods, the foods we healthy beasts put in a big bowl on a gold-lined pedestal. If you have food in your kitchen that doesn’t deserve being on a pedestal, then it deserves to be in the garbage… because that is exactly what it is… garbage!

poisonbottle (Above: DIY Poison Bottle Making Tutorial from 36 Avenue!)

Fresh produce, non-processed meats, seeds, nuts, eggs, natural yogurt, healthy fats

(Cue the music) Metallica reminds us to all those horrible foods in our lives that have been costing our health. SEEK AND DESTROY!

Crackers, chips, cookies, cereal, store-bought muffins and bagels, high-fructose corn syrup, anything with a label full of ingredients you do not recognize. Watch out for words like “all-natural” and “natural flavoring”. The FDA allows companies to add this to there products, but it can be misleading. Please do a little research about the things you are feeding yourself. Here’s a great article about “natural” labeling from a man that worked in the big food industry.


  1. This is a great article!! I do this periodically – and then it makes me try to cook some of the things that have been sitting in my cabinet for a few month too long (like faro, or dry beans) – thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks! That’s so true – all those hidden goodies we forget about. I think I need to make a huge frozen veggie stir-fry soon. :P

      • I made a weird faro, cilantro, tomato, cayenne pepper and green onion mix – then adding black beans for my dinner tonight – I hope it is okay…a little mixture of mediterranean and central america – two of my favorite cuisines!

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