lunges, workout plan

Hey, everyone! I’m currently in the middle of moving apartments, with lack of time and no internet set up, it’s been difficult to fit everything into the schedule. But, there are two things I will ALWAYS make time for, and that is… paying attention to the food I’m eating and staying active!

Here is a great list of activities you can do without a gym, using your own body. It is meant to make you sweat, it is meant to challenge yourself. During this workout, listen to your body, you should feel like you are pushing yourself, but if you are in a lot of pain, STOP. If you need a break while doing reps, take a quick pause, but go right back into your routine. Try to make time for this full workout, but if you only have time to do half today, then do the other half tomorrow.

KEEP WATER ON HAND! Drink throughout your workout and as much as you can afterwards, this will keep you hydrated and energized while your body is losing liquid through sweat.

Start with 40 jumping jacks to get your body moving.

Plant two markers on the ground about 30 feet apart (could be any type of object you have on hand). Use these markers to start and end each activity:

1. Go down to the opposite marker and back doing lunges all the way. Lunge: lift one leg high and plant in front of you, lower your body down, keeping your back straight, so that your knee is almost touching the ground. Alternate legs to make it there and back.
2. Shuffle down and back. Shuffle: Lower your body into a squat position and move sideways to the opposite marker (bring one foot to the other and move the other foot out again).
3. Do 2 jog-sprints: Jog to the opposite marker and sprint back. Repeat.

Keep the markers where they are, you will use them for this activity. You will start with the activity at one end, jog to the opposite marker and do the second activity and jog back. Repeat!
1. 8 Burpees: Start in a standing position, squat down and push your legs out behind your, so that you are in a push-up position. Bring legs back in and stand up and repeat.
2. 8 Squat Jumps: Squat down with your back straight, arms at side. Jump up while using your arms to help, raising them above your head, squat back down and repeat.
3. 8 Burpees
4. 8 Squat jumps

bicycle crunch, workout plan

1. 20 Alternating side sit-ups (Do a sit up to the right, then to center, then to left)
2. 20 Bicycle crunches: Put hands behind your head and lift your legs off the ground so that your knees are tucked in. Lower one leg at a time and touch your opposite elbow to the knee that is still at your chest. Example: Lower your right leg so that it is above the ground, sit up and touch your right elbow to your left knee.
3. 45 Second plank (Beginner start with 30 seconds)
4. 20 Dips on a chair: With back to chair, squat down in front of the chair and place hands on the chair with fingers facing forward. With a straight back, lower your body down, keeping elbows as close to your body as possible. Lift your body back up and repeat.
5. 20 Step ups for each leg: Step up on a chair with your right leg into a full standing position, then lower your left leg back down. Keep your right leg on the chair at all times. Do each leg 20 reps.

As you get used to the circuit part of the workout, you can add more activities, or do the circuit twice for a longer, harder workout.

Keep track of how you did and how you felt. It would be a great idea to write down how many reps you can do for each activity so you can keep challenging yourself further in the future.


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