Taking a quick break from recipes to let you know what’s going on! Life has been busy busy, been moving between two apartments which included lots of cleaning, painting, lifting boxes, packing and unpacking. And I can say that it would have been A WHOLE LOT harder if I hadn’t started my personal training (feeling stronger and less winded going up and down stairs!).

obstacle race

Now that summer is here, there are a ton of races in every category you can sign up for. As you know I finished my first race, the 8k, in April. After that I decided to to take it easy on the cardio – which came highly recommended by many sources including this one.

So why is the obstacle race different? It involves many obstacles that test your strength and endurance. While you do need to jog/run during the race, it isn’t just a straight shot of running. This gives your body the type of exercise that our bodies were made for. While we weren’t meant for running loooooong distances, we should be able to push our strength through climbing, sprinting, and lifting (like hunters and gatherers – it just makes sense!).

I am specifically taking part in the Rugged Maniac Chicago/Milwaukee race and am very nervous excited to see how this goes. Say “hi” if you see me! (though, I’m very short and therefore, not so easy to spot)

Strength, endurance, power, and agility. This is the whole package. I spend an hour twice a week with a personal trainer. We do warm-ups and smaller activities like lunges, squats, squat jumps, sprints for 30 minutes. The next 30 minutes changes between weight lifting, activity circuits, boxing, and “caveman” (where you flip tires, throw down sledge-hammers, push sleds, etc.). The rest of the week, I try to walk 30 minutes per day and do one activity on the weekend like biking, more walking, or some of the activitiesmentioned previously.

You can check out some activities at my “No-Gym Outdoor Workout Plan”. Great for at home or busy-bodies like me!

Rugged Maniac has a great one week plan HERE, but make sure you give your body enough time to rest in between intense workouts. There IS such a thing as working out too much!

whole 30

For the past few months, I have made my way to 80-90% paleo, which is great. But, I still need an extra boost. This is a very strict challenge (Whole 30 challenge) that I will be doing for the next month. My goals with this is to lose more fat, clear up acne, feel more energy, spend less money, cook more, and possibly end my stomach aches!

I will keep logs of my food, recipes, and cost for the whole month and provide weekly summaries as well as a full month review.

Like I said before, I definitely feel that I am getting stronger – after over 2 months, I should! AND GUESS WHAT, I DID 1 PULLUP! Though small, it was my goal to do a freakin pull-up. Check! And now I can only continue from here.

For me and EVERYBODY: Eat real food, lift heavy, limit cardio to shorter distances, sleep well, avoid stress – aka have some fun, drink water, get sleep!

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