For the last week, I just had to get away from this drawn-out midwestern winter to get some warmth and sun in Mexico! (Huatulco, to be exact) While I couldn’t fit the sun in my suitcase, I did bring back a bunch of photos and ideas for some great food. Maybe this will be used as inspirations for new recipes, or maybe you will get some ideas of things to order when you dine out!

oyster platter


Many beaches in Mexico have a variety of vendors that walk around selling jewelry, hair braiding services, food, and other crafts. This was the first time I saw someone offering to fish! For a reasonable price, you can pay the guy to jump in the ocean to find some clams, oysters, and muscles. He will then prepare them and serve them on a platter with fresh citrus fruits. I’m not a huge fan, but it was great for seafood lovers! I mean… can you get any fresher?


We started our trip with a morning of fishing and caught some big ones including a grouper, mahi mahi, tuna, and mackerel. The best part about it is that you can bring the fish back to the hotel and the chef will prepare it any way you want (for a price).


This was by far my favorite dish on my entire trip. (See the plate in above photo). Since I live in Chicago, fresh fish is hard to get. I took the opportunity to eat a big portion of this while it was fresh out of the ocean! Ceviche is raw fish that is “cooked” by marinating it in lime juice. The chef then adds elements of flavor like tomato, avocado, onion, cilantro. Perfection!

fish sashimi

Above: My plate full of ceviche and sashimi. (Sorry for the bad quality, it was very low lighting at night)


Sashimi is actually a Japanese delicacy, so I was surprised to find out the chef prepared it in Mexico! It is also served raw like ceviche, in larger slices. The chef marinated it in orange juice and soy sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds. Typically when you order it from a Japanese restaurant, there is no sauce. YUM!

We also got a plate of grilled grouper and for those who like it, some fried fish too. My stomach wasn’t too keen on handling so much oil, so I stuck to the other plates.

mexican breakfast

Above: My breakfast one day was chicken tinga, some bacon and sausage, a Oaxacan style tamale, fried plantains, and pineapple. Living like a queen! (This is an unusually large breakfast for me, but I knew we weren’t going to eat lunch that day, haha)


I think I will definitely have to cook this up now that I’m home! (you can see the pulled chicken in the center of my plate, above) Chicken tinga is simply a pulled spicy chicken dish. You can make “tinga” with any meat – pork, beef, etc. You can also serve it like tostadas or tacos. Easy and delicious!

oaxacan tamales


I would not consider this a “healthy” food, but when in Huatulco, I had to taste the Oaxacan style tamales. They cook the chicken with their famous black mole sauce before wrapping it in the corn dough and husks. The Oaxacan area is known for their popular mole sauce which is made with peppers, tomatoes, dried fruits, spices, and chocolate.

And OF COURSE there were things I didn’t eat. It was amazing to walk through the market and watch the sales and the food preparation. Street food included fresh fruit, dried out fish, pastries, and empanadas! I watched on as others in my group ate these, and they said they were amazing. Too bad, stomach, none for you! haha.

mexican tamales
Above: Women in the market prepare fresh empanadas with handmade dough. No one speaks english here, so make sure you know your numbers to pay them!

mexico market
Above: Stands of dried fish in the sun. This was best avoided if you don’t like strong fish smells. Meat vendors keep sticks handy to hit away the flies.

I’m missing Mexico already… with the warm sun, great food, and wonderful people. I will be back soon!

If you have traveling to Mexico, what was your favorite thing to eat? Share in the comments!


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