Welcome to one of my new sections: “Restaurant Reviews”! These guides provide reviews of places that go along with The Health Beast way of living: fresh, non-gmo, gluten-free, soy-free and in best case scenarios organic, grass-fed, hormone free.

Today’s topic: Juice & Smoothies!

Fresh squeezed juice is one of my favorite refreshments on a hot summer day. I do not drink juice or smoothies as meal replacements, I view them as a a great “pick-me-up”, hydrating, energizing, and detoxing. It can also be a quick filler between meals, as a light snack or post-workout refreshment.

So, where can you find some places around Chicago that serve up some fresh squeezed juice? Well, I have 4 places that I stopped first (hence “part 1”). The list will continue as I gather more trials!

Note: this is not in order of any kind.

Chicago Smoothies


Located in Ravenswood, Chicago, this place is small and quaint and meant for people on the go! They really have everything you need when you are looking for a great quality smoothie/juice. Earth’s Healing Cafe has some amazing ingredients, I can’t even list them all – but yes, they are all organic and many local too!

My smoothie in the pic above, called “Love & Light” included fresh blueberries, spinach, kale blended with dates, coconut milk, banana, and cashew butter. Very interesting and deliciously smooth combo! Also great if you are looking to beef up on your healthy fats for the day :P Click HERE for Earth’s Healing Cafe website

Chicago Juice


Welcome to the chill zone. Walk in, sit down, take your time. On the edge of Logan Square, the Global Cafe seems to be working on its outdoor garden, which I’m going to check out this summer. All I know, is I’m just glad to have a cafe in my neighborhood!

The juice I ordered (pictured above) was called “Clean Machine” which included beets, carrots, and more. Yum! Here is their Yelp Page.

Juice Bar


Recently, the grocery store known as Mariano’s Fresh Market has taken Chicagoland by storm! They seem to be popping up everywhere, which is awesome because I just LOVE their salad bar, and their new addition: Squeez’d Juice & Smoothie bar! I love how I can see them making the smoothies right in front of me, and the best part is, all the ingredients are fresh from the store with no added sugar or fillers. Just coconut water!

My two favorites (above): Beet, carrot, ginger juice. And the green tropical detox. Not all Mariano’s has this juice bar, so be sure to check before you go! Click here to find a Mariano’s near you.

Walgreens juice bar
Above photo by Ashley V.


Wait, what? A pharmacy with a juice bar? Well, not all Walgreens, but there are at least 2 locations where this phenomenon does exist. They offer pre-made choices, or you can even customize your own flavor! They make everything right there, you can see all the ingredients they put in!
Click for:
Wicker Park Location.
Downtown Loop Location.


…Those were just a small few of the many locations you can find fresh juice and smoothies around Chicago! I am on a mission to try as many as I can, so come back to see my next posts, reviewing places around town.

Have a suggestion or question? Don’t hesitate to message me below! :)

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