Since I listen to podcasts on a regular basis, I’ve been asked several times to share the ones I think are worthwhile. I will start with the most recent one I heard today, it was posted this past Tuesday May 26, 2015 by “Stuff You Should Know”. If you loved the documentary “Fed Up” or even if you haven’t seen it yet (go watch it!)… this podcast is a great discussion for you!

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“How Junk Food Works” (Podcast) by Stuff You Should Know
Click HERE to listen!

While they do take an funny and nostalgic tangent about “which store is the worst to be stuck in as a child”, there is some really good discussion here about how junk food came to be and why it’s a problem…

Some interesting key notes:
-“Junk Foods” are foods that have no nutritional value, but still contain a big caloric load, which leads to your body storing this extra energy as fat.

-Chocolate and caramel have been around for a long time, foods that were not good for you were being made for a long time. The difference is that now it is easy to make and it is easy to mass produce, and in turn, it is easy and cheap to buy.

-During the American Civil war, troops were eating quick, easy-to-eat, processed small-portioned rations. This eventually inspired food carts and diners.

-Cracker Jacks were introduced in 1893 at the World’s Fair. While these recipes existed, the fact that they were mass-produced, well-marketed, and easy to buy.

-1896: Tootsie Rolls were the first individually wrapped “Penny” candy in the U.S.

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-Encyclopedia of Fast Food and Junk Food is available online for more info:

-Commercialization of junk food was to keep the food from going stale.

-Companies spend a ton of time researching and a ton of money to try to find “The Sweet Spot” or “The Bliss Point”. This is the perfect blend of flavor that will keep you craving more.

-Vanishing caloric density: When a food dissolves faster than your brain can register that it has eaten anything. For example, Cheetos! This is why you can eat an entire bag of Cheetos or chips without feeling full.

-Junk food can be addicting because of the blood sugar rush. When you repetitively spike your blood sugar, this tires out the insulin-producing cells, which can trigger Type 2 Diabetes.

-The average American consumes about 22 teaspoons per day.

-Lunchables were just a new way to sell the same bologna and cheese by Kraft and Oscar Meyer (who are both owned by Phillip Morris – the cigarette manufacturer). The ham included inside the Lunchables is good for several months? Yes, because of the preservatives.

-The average apple you buy at the store has been off the tree for an average of 14 MONTHS. (From tree to shelf is 14 months). *Side note: This article says 9-14 months:

-Yogurt can be a health food, but now many companies have added tons of sugar to their yogurt products. Ex: Gogurt, Heath sprinkles

-Over $30 million is spent on research and advertising. “In 2012 just McDonald’s spent 2.7 times as much as ALL fruit, vegetable, bottled water, and milk producers combined.”

-Professor does an experiment eating junk food for 10 weeks and his results were very suprising! 10 week diet might not be long enough to collect data from a diet. Here is an article:

Hope you found this podcast as interesting as I did.

Do you have one to share? Let me know! :)

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