Finding yummy, yet healthy food in Chicago is easier than you would think!

I’m on a mission to taste as many food places as possible, and give some good reviews, spread the cheer (I guess it’s that time of year).

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Below are some places I’ve found worthy of actually taking my phone out, fighting off the feeling that everything around me thinks I’m lame for taking pics of my food, and making a thoughtful post on instagram. (This may or may not include filters, hashtags, location finder, and an @ mention here and there). So if Instagram is not your thing, here is a small review of some places I’ve been to!

1. Ground Control, Logan Square:

Specializing in options for vegetarians, vegans, and the gluten-free, Ground Control cooks up some creative dishes without the use of meat! I’ve tried several things here including the Baja Tacos (see below), the portobella mushroom sandwich (my personal favorite!), and the bon mi.


2. Protein Bar, Multiple locations
This is my new found love. Unfortunately, I don’t always want to drop over $7 for a quick lunch, but hey… I’ll splurge once in a while. The bowls look small, but they are quite filling… full of healthy grains, protein and veggies. They have great options for vegetarians, vegans, paleo diets, and gluten-free diets. Dressings are made in-house too!

Protein, paleo, vegetarian

3. Xoco, Wicker Park
This is definitely a vegetarian’s delight! I think a lot of people stand in line for the Bongo Room for brunch across the street. Sorry, but I’ve waited in that line to find that the food was nothing to write home about (if you know what I mean). Anyway, Xoco is easy to get into and has great food, inspired by the creative mind of Rick Bayless! I think this place is better for vegetarians because I wasn’t impressed with the meat quality (I’m super picky!), but I would be perfectly happy with eating an all-veggie meal there!


4. The Harding Tavern, Logan Square
While it may seem like your typical bar and grill… ok… maybe it kind of is… BUT, their chefs do take the time and effort to make things a step above the rest. They serve brunch and some delicious burgers, salads, etc. I would recommend this if you are in the mood for an all-american meal. (And yet of course, the picture I took of brunch is a Mexican dish. Oh, well.)


5. Sink/Swim, Logan Square
Recently opened, I actually think that Sink/Swim (Sink or Swim) is worth the price tag. Their seafood is very fresh. You can choose either small shared plates or a full entree (I think if you are budgeting, the entree is the way to go, because those small plates can add up fast). AND if you stick around later, from 10-11 they have $1 oysters!


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