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Are you interested in WHOLE 30? Or maybe you have already started! Maybe you heard the words but don’t know where to start, it sounds scary or difficult. While it might be a challenge, if you think about it differently, elimination diets can be easy and… fun?? Yes! (I had fun making these recipes!)

There are two kinds of people in this case. Person “A” goes into the Whole 30 plan thinking negative thoughts similar to “This seems impossible. I can’t live without bread. Once I’m done with 30 days, I’m going to binge eat all those foods I cut out for the month in celebration.” What is wrong with these thoughts is that this person now thinks of this plan as a punishment and reward system. Any future of having a healthy lifestyle will live in the shadow of these emotions.

Instead, we need to take these 30 days and build positive and happy habits that we can carry through our entire lives.

Person “B” takes on the challenge with confidence, collecting recipes, preparing awesome meals that are exciting and delicious. Enjoying a meal will encourage the continuation of eating healthy. Whole 30 isn’t about trying to stuff a bunch of raw kale down your throat. It’s about finding ways to enjoy the foods we are meant to be eating. Person “B” often thinks thoughts similar to “How can I make these foods delicious? While I would love to have that (naughty food), I feel great now that I am avoiding it. I sleep better, I have more energy, and my stomach doesn’t hurt!”.

There might be cravings, there might be urges and hurdles we have to jump. With every obstacle that you encounter, try to think of a way over or through it. Craving sugar? Eat a piece of fruit. Craving alcohol? De-stress with a cup of chai… or socialize at a bar with a glass of iced tea or sparkling water with lemon.

If you need help, reach out! Call a friend, go on the Whole 30 Forum, or send me a message at

AND NOW. On to MY Whole 30 recipes. Hope you enjoy!


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