Healthy Beasts like healthy foods! Nutrition is the KEY to feeling good and performing well (without proper fuel, your body cannot go at full speed). Remember, even beasts start out as pups. Take baby steps into a healthy lifestyle. If you are like me, I spent 25 years as a carbaholic with a sweet-tooth the size of King Kong! But if you want to be strong like King Kong, than you need to start adding some wholesome foods into your life.
Short Cut: Load up on veggies, meat, fish, eggs, fruits and nuts! Limit processed foods and grains.

Whole, Ripe/Fresh, Variety. Fill up on these healthy options and don’t worry about depriving or sacrificing your guilty pleasures. Concentrate on being full of nutrient-dense foods, and you will see that eventually you won’t have as much room for junk in your life.
-Whole foods are full of fiber and nutrients (nutrient dense)
-Ripe foods that are in season are nutrient dense and stay fresh longer
-Eat a variety of foods to get a variety of nutrients

Produce: Tons of vegetables and some fruits
Protein: Grass-fed meats without hormones, eggs, gelatin, nuts and seeds
Healthy Fats: animal fats, avocado, olive oil, coconut, nuts and seeds

-Grains and refined sugar
-Processed Foods with chemicals and preservatives (This includes processed grains)
-Foods high in sugar (Soda, candy, cereal)

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