Mini Balsamic Mushroom Caps
Raw Ocean “Pâté”
Salmon Asparagus Ceviche Roll
Kick-A Lemon Curry Roasted Vegetables

Grain-Free Paleo Pumpkin Nut “Oatmeal”
Pumpkin Spice Apple Soup
Easy Slow-Cooked Ribs
Raw Lentil Tabouleh With Spiced Tahini
Honey Mustard Chicken
Italian Spring Grilled Chicken
Egg Salad
Tomato Veggie Eggplant Rolls
Easy Paleo Chicken Creole
Pesto Spaghetti Squash

Paleo Pumpkin Cake Cookies 
Kale and Pineapple Tropical Popsicles
Chocolate Almond Bacon Banana Bites
Coconut Milk Ice Cream with Ginger and Cinnamon
Fruit and Coconut Popsicles
Cocoa-Nut Sweet ‘n Sexy Spiced Smoothie

Refreshing Carrot Zinger Juice
Green veggie, fruit and gelatin Detox Smoothie
Raw Protein Smoothie Base (Coconut, banana, almond)

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